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Welcome to the world of ACE Data Recovery Engineering Inc.

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ACE Data Recovery Engineering Inc. specializes in the research/development and distribution of hardware and software tools for data recovery and computer forensics professionals. We also provide high-quality, structured data recovery training courses that are recognized by major corporations and government organizations worldwide.

ACE Data Recovery Engineering Inc.’s motto is “Sharing the Technology.” As such, we are the data recovery technology and training providers. We use our specialized skills and knowledge to assist data recovery professionals achieve the highest success rates possible. Throughout North America, we have quickly become the trusted source for PC-3000 products, training and support.

  Data Recovery:

PC-3000 PCI developed by ACE Laboratory in Russia is the premier data recovery tool. Accessing hard disk drives at a firmware level through customized hardware/software, PC-3000 can diagnose and repair drives even though the drive is unrecognizable by a typical PC BIOS/OS. (more...)
Dowload the PC-3000 PCI and Data Extractor Brochure, or the PC-3000 Demo Video.

Drive Imaging:

As part of the data recovery process, drive imaging requires a highly configurable and specialized, high speed hardware tool. Our Disk Imager outperforms any imaging product currently available and with a full set of configurable parameters, the Disk Imager recovers more data. (more...)
(White Paper - Drive Imaging)

Technical Support:

Our technical support team is an integral part of our daily operations. Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that our clients have the most comprehensive support possible. Our constant research into data recovery techniques ensures that we know the most up to date procedures. (more...)

How we can help you.

See how our technology can help you in your specific market. (Government/Policing, Education, Data Recovery Businesses, IT and Networking departments.) (more...)



ACE Data Recovery Engineering Inc. is recognized as a world leader in data recovery training. Our Introductory and Advanced classes have been attended by data recovery professionals, police agencies, and computer forensics units, from around the world. As part of “Sharing the Technology” we believe in providing our clients with the best knowledge and recovery procedures possible.

ACE Data Recovery Engineering Inc. continually reinvests in our own research and development to create tools, technical support, and training that benefit our clientele and the data recovery industry. Our tools have the benefit of our knowledge and of the needs of the industry and therefore are always applicable to real data recovery situations.(more...)


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